About Us

(Serving the greater Nashville area since 2006.)

When Franklin Clark was 16 years old, he asked his father to buy him a car. His father handed him a set of keys. . .to a dump truck!

The next day, Franklin drove that truck to his first day on the job with Clark Roofing Company, the company his father started in Greenwood, Mississippi in 1958. Franklin led a crew of 6 men that summer and earned enough money to buy his first car.
He very quickly learned the value of hard work and integrity – ensuring customer satisfaction and building a reputation that would create a sustainable business.
Throughout high school, Franklin continued to work for Clark Roofing and apprenticed along side various trade crews who maintained his father’s rental properties. He learned to do everything from plumbing to electrical to carpentry to concrete. By 18, he had earned enough money to buy his own rental properties and started with 10 dilapidated homes that he renovated prior to renting. He used income from his rental properties to pay for school at Mississippi Delta Junior College where he earned a degree in construction and architectural technology.

Franklin eventually purchased Clark Roofing from his father but when Greenwood fell on hard times in the late 90’s and early 00’s, Franklin decided to relocate to the Music City in 2002. He chose Nashville because of his own love of music and fondness for the Nashville history and culture.

Today, he operates Music City Remodeling with the same commitment to quality and customer satisfaction that his father taught him growing up. Whether your project is $50 or $200,000, with Music City Remodeling, you can be assured of the highest level of craftsmanship and integrity that the Music City has to offer.

Music City Remodeling is Licensed in the State of TN for residential and small commercial remodeling and construction.
We are a member of the Better Business Bureau of Middle Tennessee.

Vision & Promise

Our Vision: To create a business that combines quality and craftsmanship with a strong commitment to total customer satisfaction.

Our Promise: To be:

  • Punctual
  • Professional
  • Considerate of your time, comfort and personal belongings
  • Reliable
  • Ethical in our work and business practices
  • Friendly

Music City Remodeling

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Phone: 615-831-3277
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